This visualization illustrates the relationship between specific application areas and the recommended materials to simplify targeted material selection in FDM.

The relationship between application & material

Material EWOQE

The right material for the right application


The materials required for motorsport must be able to withstand extreme loads. Various types of stress, such as shocks, deceleration and vibrations, are a constant challenge. In addition, these materials must also be able to withstand high temperatures and aggressive environmental conditions.


In the field of medicine, the materials for 3D printing must be biocompatible to avoid causing negative reactions in the body and have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure functional properties.High precision in processing is required in order to be able to reproduce the complex structures of medical implants and devices in detail.


In industry, the materials used for 3D printing must be particularly robust and resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. At the same time, high dimensional accuracy is essential in order to be able to manufacture complex industrial components and tools with precision.

Kunst & Architektur

In art and architecture, the use of 3D printing materials requires a high degree of flexibility and attention to detail in order to realize creative and complex shapes. These materials must also offer a good surface quality in order to meet aesthetic requirements and achieve a lasting visual effect.


For the electronics industry, the requirements for 3D printing materials are particularly high in terms of electrical insulation and heat resistance. It is also crucial that these materials can be processed precisely and evenly in order to reliably produce the fine structures of electronic components.


In agriculture, 3D printing materials must be robust and durable to withstand harsh environmental conditions and mechanical stress. They should also be resistant to UV radiation, moisture and dirt to ensure long-term use in agricultural applications.