3D printing allows us to produce complex geometries and individual designs that would be challenging with conventional manufacturing processes. We are convinced that 3D printing will play an increasingly important role in the future and look forward to developing innovative products together with our customers.
We offer a wide range of services, including the creation of 3D models, the production of prototypes and small series as well as the production of end products. Our goal is to use our expertise in additive manufacturing to develop and realize innovative products together with our customers.

Plastic components - industry standard

EWOQE is the ideal partner for projects that require high-quality plastic parts. We place great emphasis on precision, dimensional accuracy and strictly adhere to industry standards to ensure the best quality. Our range of services includes consulting and customized solutions in the field of 3D printing.

Design & model making

We are your reliable partner in design and model making. Our additive manufacturing technology enables us to support you effectively in the realization of your ideas. Whether it’s the development of a 3D-compliant design or the production of prototypes and small series, our team is ready to implement your projects with the highest quality.

Additive manufacturing

We are also at your side for small series production. Thanks to our machines and extensive experience, we guarantee first-class results that are characterized by consistent quality and continuous reliability.

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That's why our clients trust us.


Do you have an idea and want to turn it into a real product as quickly as possible so that you can present it to your customers? At EWOQE, we will reliably guide you through the prototype phase and even take over the complete prototype construction. We guarantee the highest quality standards as well as efficient and timely realization of your projects.


Our strength lies in the individualization of production. Thanks to our extensive fleet of almost 90 machines, we are not only able to optimize individual components, but also offer the possibility of series production. We accompany you from the conception to the completion of your project to ensure that the end result meets your expectations.


Our range of services goes beyond pure product manufacturing. We attach great importance to an honest and personal exchange with our customers. At EWOQE, we see ourselves as your partner and share your concerns and goals. We are committed to your project, regardless of whether it involves the construction of prototypes, model making or the production of small series.

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Since our foundation, we have gained extensive experience by working with a large number of clients from different sectors and successfully realizing challenging projects. Our field of activity extends across all industries, which has given us the privilege of entering into partnerships with renowned personalities from the worlds of art, culture and politics. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum: from medical applications and industrial manufacturing processes to specialized areas such as equestrian and motor sports, we have offered tailor-made solutions.

This diversified focus enables us to develop innovative and efficient strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. Through our commitment and quality, coupled with our broad understanding of different industry requirements, we are able to achieve outstanding results and create sustainable value for our clients.


Innovation is at the heart of our philosophy at EWOQE. We are constantly driven by our relentless pursuit to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We understand that every project is unique and requires customized solutions that are achievable thanks to our advanced production methods. Therefore, we continuously invest in the latest technologies and training for our team to create products that meet the most modern production standards. This approach allows us to implement innovative processes, promote automation and use artificial intelligence where it offers the greatest benefit.